Sandra Cracower

How can we possibly find enough words to describe YOAV BILER? In November, 2018, he was our incredible Israeli trip planner, driver and guide all rolled into one. He made our trip fascinating and unforgettable in every way. He has a wealth of knowledge and information to contribute no matter what your area of interest, be it biblical history, current issues, religion, politics, culinary hotspots, trendy neighborhoods. He also brings in experts in different fields if he deems it necessary. He inserts literary references, poetry and quotations at the drop of a hat. Pervading everything else is his quick wit, immense enthusiasm, boundless energy, kindness and consideration. He always goes the extra mile to assure that his guests feel comfortable and satisfied, putting their needs before his own. While his love for Israel, where he was born and raised, is obvious, at the same time, he acknowledges its many conflicts and contradictions. You are guaranteed to come away with a fuller appreciation for this beautiful, amazing country with Yoav as your guide!