Custom made tours for individuals, couples and groups

Based on your interests, wishes and needs, and determined together with you, we will create an itinerary which is a cocktail of history, faith, Bible, cuisine, culture and politics – balanced between the “must see” and “off the beaten track” activities and sites.

Touring Israel provides you an opportunity and the perfect setting to embark on a journey of your own.

The main difference between a trip and a journey is the opportunity to transform yourselves. The way we see it, a journey is a process in which you learn new things about yourself as well as about the place you visit.That’s why our motto is never a trip – always a journey

We will have one or more in-depth conversations with you in order to create a tailor-made cocktail for them.

We don’t have ready-made programs. Every itinerary is the sum of many factors and is designed to suit your needs and wishes.