About Yoav Biller and Wandering Israel

My name is Yoav Biller. I am a licensed tour guide and educator.  For years, I have travelled throughout Israel, with students and guests, sharing my passion for our special country, its landscapes, stories, history and flavour.

I love (and sometimes hate) Israel deeply. It is wonderful, crazy, unique and, perhaps above all, complicated. With each tour, I see our country through the eyes of my guests, which allows me to discover new insights and perspectives.

Israel is an infinite mosaic in every sense – physically, culturally and spiritually.  On our tours, we search for new experiences: hidden natural springs and wetlands, paths across nature, unknown places serving divine food, and interactions with different groups of people who create this great mosaic.

I have the best job in the country: Israel is my office and my profession, and my skill is to tell its stories. How good can it get?  Come join me, and let me show you. 

About Wandering Israel

“Wandering Israel” is the creation of myself and my life partner, Nitsan.  Together, we parent three wonderful children, and we operate “Wandering Israel.”

With Nitsan’s 20 years of experience in logistics, production and management, we create complete adventures from airport to airport for individuals, families and small groups.

We have succeeded in finding a balance that enables us to plan and implement tours while preserving our values: understanding our guests, creating customized tours, selecting the perfect travel guide for each guest, overseeing and engaging in dynamic and enlightening tours, and communicating continuously with our guests.

The result of our efforts, when combined with our guests’ insights and energy, is a tour that may last days or weeks, but a journey that will last a lifetime.