Family tours –
Family trips / multi-generational trips / Bar Mitzvah trips

An unforgettable family trip is a very delicate task. We are experts in creating an itinerary which addresses different generations, and often several age groups within the younger generation. Yoav and our other team members are great guides and sensitive to family dynamics.

Touring Israel with us is the perfect setting to embark on a journey of your own and provides the opportunity to bond over shared experiences. 

The main difference between a trip and a journey is the opportunity to transform yourselves. The way we see it, a journey is a process in which you learn new things about yourself as well as about the place you visit.That’s why our motto is never a trip – always a journey

Your journey will be a perfect mixture of history, faith, Bible, cuisine, culture and politics – balanced between the “must see” and “off the beaten track” activities and sites.

We will have one or more in-depth conversations with you in order to make sure we are making the right cocktail.

We don’t have ready-made programs. Every itinerary is the sum of many factors and is designed to suit your needs and wishes.