Dubin wolfer

Yoav’s leadership on my Taglit Birthright trip was phenomenal. Yoav began by reading us poetry about not just the nation of Israel but the people living within it and explaining how we all needed to be a family, a mishpucha, for the ten days we had together. This set the tone – started us off on the kind of foot where we were all looking out for each other. Set the tone for all the members of our group, of different backgrounds, values, jobs, and ages to come together in a supportive, loving way.
Truly, my incredible experience was fed and empowered by his loving, compassionate, and down-to-earth leadership throughout the 10 days I spent in Israel. He always spoke honestly, from the heart, with the intention to teach my group about Israel in a judicial, moderate way, with the space to allow us to form a deeper connection to ourselves and our own Judaism.
Yoav channeled my Taglit group into a greater organism, greater than ourselves, a cohesive group that loved each other, looked out for each other and grew together. He fed our souls like a father. Kept us focused, mature, kept us together. I will never forget how he spoke on the potential of children, of young people, and the need to forgive while we lay under the stars of the Judea desert. His knowledge and storytelling of Israel a mixture of compassion, sadness, and love and joy.
Thank you Yoav for being such an incredible leader, paving the path for an unforgettable trip.