Political tours

For better or worse – it’s never boring in Israel, and nothing is black and white, rather it has a hundred shades of gray.

The political aspect of Israel is, for some people, one of the main attractions of visiting. Everything is political, especially here. Different and sometime clashing narratives, a mosaic of ethnicities, religions and nationalities, conflicts and co-existence – all make the political aspects an attraction in itself. The ability to understand the politics and geopolitics of Israel and its surroundings is an added value, and another piece in this complex puzzle.

Tours may include an introduction to geopolitical experts as part of a Jeep tour or an in-depth presentation; or a range of different Palestinian and Israeli speakers and figures.

We also offer “dual narrative” tours with an Israeli guide, or with both Israeli and Palestinian guides, who will offer the different narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Duration: 4 hours to a full day tour

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