Judean Plains

Judean Plains – from the golden era of the Jewish kingdoms, to destruction, exile and resurrection.

We will strat the day at:

  • Ella Valley overview

The most influential valley in the world (that almost no one know :-)- the spot where the most famous biblical battle between David and Goliath took place

Continue to:

  • Hiking in Adulam park. A great leader will rise from that valley, and with him – a national ethos will be created.

Later on, we will play detectives trying to solve an ancient 2000 years old mystery, we will talk about some archeological titan’s battles, crawl in some ancient rebel’s tunnels (optional), breathtaking scenery, and great wine.

In this small off the beaten track region lies a story that start with king David, continues to the great Jewish United Kingdom – to 2nd temple and Bar Kochva rebellions and is still being written and told.

This tour can be done in a 3 – 6 KM hike (easy walking) based on the time and energy you have


  • Beit Guvrin

Beit Guvrin and Maresha UNESCO world heritage site. We’ll have the opportunity to walk through a labyrinth of underground caves that are over 2200 years old. Revolts, underground city, fancy burial caves and a cocktail of historical periods all comes to life in this unique site.

It’s optional to add:

  • Kibbutz Tour + refreshing stop at the Kibbutz Pool (Summer time)

We will walk in Beautiful Kibbutz – Learn about Kibbutz in general from the beginning of this unique way of leaving and until today.

  • Wine tasting at one of many great boutique wineries of the area.

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