Judean Desert – Classic day tour

  • Masada

an UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most popular sites In Israel. This “must see” palace and fortress is located deep in the desert, over-looking some of the most amazing views that you can see in Israel. The view itself isn’t our reason for coming here though… This site tells some of the most important stories in the Jewish – Israeli narrative. We will Learn about this amazing archeological wonder, where King Herod built his winter palace and the Zealots from the Great Revolt spent their final days, we will find out who is the Rabbi’s That saved Judaism and we will try to understand what is the role that this site played in the recreation of the newborn state of Israel.

Masada can be reached in two ways: climb by foot or cable car

  • Ein Gedi Oasis

Short historical hike in the refreshing waters and the beautiful waterfalls of Ein Gedi. We will Follow mighty King David on his escape from king Shaul, we will reveal the secrets an ancient Jewish community that was living here 2000 years ago and with some luck – we will see some unique wild life that can only be found around the oasis.

  • Dead Sea

float at the Dead Sea & use the famous mud.

You can upgrade your Dead Sea experience with:

  • Dead Sea boat ride – Explore the wonders of the Dead Sea  (includes floating in the Dead Sea)

Of all the unique things we can offer you in Israel, we think this is the most unique activity. On this mind-blowing boat ride, we will explore shores that doesn’t have any other access to, geological phenomena like salt diamonds, salt pearls and sink holes. We will have a chance to float in the sea and in its sink holes, and to discuss the challenges and reasons for its tragic situation and also the future ways to save it.

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