• SAFED / TSFAT – half day

    The Capital of Jewish mysticism and the birth place of Kabbalah – the inner teachings of Judaism and its “soul.” High up in the mountains of the Galilee lies the spiritual city of Tsfat.
    On this half day tour we focus on the golden era of Tsfat in the 16th century, and will try to answer how come you can’t understand Zionism, Judaism and even the creation of the state of Israel without understanding the major role of 16th century Tsfat.

  • ZAFED / TSFAT – full day

    you could spend days talking about the golden era of Tsfat in the 16th century, the war of 1948, its vibrant new & old art scene, the battles between crusaders and Mamluks, or tell the stories of “the city of a thousand fables.” In a full day tour we will either explore more layers of “the pearl of the north” or more of the upper Galilee region – a microcosmos of Israel and an unbelievable mosaic of ethnicities, religions, cuisines and flora and fauna.

Duration: 2–3 hours/ 5–6 hours

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